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   Jassim KA, the rising Business Tycoon from India. It is predicted that by the year 2040 it will be the biggest company in the World. The Harpoon Group promoted under his leadership is found to be conglomerate of Worlds Best Companies. Diversification is the Key of Harpoons Success


The Business Side


      The rise of the Empire was at an alarming sound rate, The 10 out of 100 Features of the company are 

1)LArgest Company in the world

2)No:1 in Fortune 500

3)Only one of its kind in the world

4)Only company which has enough goodwill among the employees

5)only company which recruit around 10 lakh employees

6)only company in the world which deals with almost 40 billion clients.

7)Only company which is running legally in all countries

8)only Company in which no discrimination between superior and subordinate

9)Only company which permits Casuals for formal Works.

10)Only Company which has a growth rate of 2000% PA













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